Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

08/23/2003 - 9:11 AM

Alright...as promised, here's the new cast of characters. [Revised 4/22/04] I'll include the previous abbreviations, as well.

Matt (MC) - the boyfriend, the goof, the sweetheart, the rational voice, the monkey boy, the beautiful smile, the intellect, the late sleeper, the ravenous reader, the blast furnace, the cuddly one...yeah, so much to love.

Ted (TW) - closest friend here in Denver. We dated for a month when I first moved here, and fortunately were able to turn that into a friendship. Loves movies, musicals, traveling and his nieces and nephews. I personally can't relate to the musicals, but I'm with him on everything else (the nieces and nephews, especially) [Has now been with Dale for almost a year, and they moved in together back in November of 2003]

Cedric (CW) - an old friend from my days in Greensboro, NC that I'm really reevaluating my friendship with at the moment [to the point where we no longer speak...I think it had something to do with me referring to him as a "scumbag", but I may be mistaken]

Malcolm (MU) - Matt's closest friend here in Denver. Dating Cedric at the moment, and it's quite a mess. One of many reasons why I'm questioning the friendship with Cedric, since he tends to treat Malcolm crappy. Malcolm is NOT a happy guy...thinks everyone's got it out for him. Sad way to live [and the beat goes on, even though he and Cedric are no longer boyfriends. There's custody of a dog involved now, too, and it makes me sad to know that Malcolm continues to associate with Cedric for this one reason.]

Paul (PF) - Matt's best friend who lives in Minneapolis. Recently met him, and we bonded on the spot

Bob and Sean (B&S) - Bob is the only person I knew in Denver when I moved here, and Sean is his partner of six or seven years

Mack & Evan (M&E) - Two friends that I met through Bob. While Bob and Sean are your typical gay couple, Mack and Evan are the ones who break the mold (ie. raving Republicans...no, really) Still love these guys to death, though

Mark (MB) - Good buddy of mine from Atlanta who recently moved to Fort Lauderdale. Need to go visit him sometime soon [ticket is booked for the second week of May]

Terry (TT) - Friend that lives in Lexington KY, and runs his own music business. Went through some hard times a couple of years ago, but he's doing so much better now

The Chief and Huntington - The Chief (nickname from his years on the force...NOT) is about as close as I think I can get to a best friend in my life, although I have different close friends that fill different needs/voids/joys in my life. Chief is notable in that he's one of only two people from NY State that I actually keep up with, even though I lived there 25 years. His partner Huntington is one of the sweetest men I know, and also one of the most complex. Everytime I have him figured out in my mind, he throws a curveball that makes me expand that even more. [Sadly, but necessarily, these two sweet guys are no longer partners. After an attempt at living together as friends, Huntington moved out into his own place. I wish them both well...as well as I hope that the friendship weathers this storm.]

Tom (TD) - My workout partner on the weekends

Kris (KM) - Friend and masseuse

Eli (EH) - Good friend back in Greensboro, who I dated long-distance for nine months from Miami, but turned out we did much better as friends than boyfriends.

Daniel - Lives in Portland, ME with his partner Craig. No matter what we do to completely trash this friendship, the friendship overcomes us and wins out...thankfully. I miss him big-time lately

Jane (JG) - Co-worker of Matt's who I think is too sweet. She is currently dating Patty, who is an excellent cook and just as sweet.

Drew (AM) - Sweetheart of a guy here in Denver. We dated, but he flaked out on me. Took a good year for me to let him back into my life. His mom died this week, so he's going through a rough spot at the moment. [He's recovered for the most part from his mom's death, but he continues to wallow in self-pity over the lack of a partner in his life]

Doug (DP) - He GETS me...good friend here in Denver who I don't get to see nearly enough, but we've got some kind of psychic bond. Currently dating Brian.

Stan (SB) - Friend in Greeley that I get to see occasionally. One of the funniest guys I know, but too often that humor is covering up pain in his life [Haven't seen Stan in a while...need to catch back up with him.]

[One more person to add to the list...Brad, another of Matt's friends who lives back in Indiana, and who is dealing with the "what am I doing with my life" thing]

So there you go...additions and modifications will be made on a less-than-regular basis. You've been warned...

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